The Art of Listening


Being a business woman, whether an entrepreneur, or working in the corporate world, communication is such an important skill to have. Have you noticed in communicating you must also develop good listening skills?

How many times do we start a conversation with the answers already predetermined in our mind? How many of us are guilty of that? Or we start a conversation and leave feeling unheard, or what we had to say wasn’t important enough. Ouch!

Communicating is not just about talking. It is being able to verbally address a person or a group, and taking the emotion out of your communication is vital. We are to speak the truth in love. What I mean by that is, you are not addressing a personal issue with an person or group, you are addressing facts and emotions can cloud what you are trying to communicate. It can be as simple as a reminder of tasks to be completed, or a behavior that may be hindering your business.

Have you ever wondered if this just a female issue? Do men spend their day wondering if that conversation was a personal attack? Was the point that was expressed heard? Honestly, God did not design a female and a male with the same emotional responses.

However, He did design us women to be humble, helpers, nurturer and so much more. Not that men don’t have those same characteristics, but as a woman, it is woven into our DNA.

So next time you have a conversation, just remember having a great listening skill is just as important as being a great speaker.

Written by Julie Payne

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