Social Media Madness


Where do we even begin? Just typing the title causes some anxiety. Social Media pictures swirling through our head:, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, MailChimp and the list goes on and on.

What will you choose?

We often tell our clients not to be on more than 3 social media sites as it can become an overwhelming task. Also depending on your target, audience it behooves you to choose your social platform based on your audience.

Then the next question, are you going to do all the postings yourself? Most small businesses that are just starting up take this task upon themselves. They believe they have enough time in their day to keep up with business, networking, gain more clients, sales, attend meetings, appointments, feed the kids, feed the dog, and the list is never-ending.

What is that owl thing called?

Someone suggests there are programs out there that will automatically post to social media. Then another choice has to be made. Hootsuite, Sendible, Tweetdeck, Sproutsocial, Buffer, Social flow. How many times a day do we receive a new and better way to reach our audience?

Then “they” switch how you can reach your audience. Something you never paid for you’re now having to pay to be seen. There are cards for Twitter, circles for Google plus, ads for Facebook, and what the heck is a hashtag?



“Stay calm and carry on” is ridiculous at this point. Right about now, you have lost your mind, your vision, your excitement. Business is becoming more of a task than joy.


Yet, why did we think we had to do it all in the first place? Was money tight, pride, or believing there were enough hours in the day to get it all done? Whatever the thing was or is we have now learned we need to delegate.

An Office Assistant or a Virtual Assistant, how to make that decision? Either is a step in the right direction. One you need office space for, and a deluge of other coverages. A Virtual Assistant never requires that you need office space or that any more brick and mortar coverages would apply.

Now that you have figured out that social media, madness is not for you. Let us take the busyness out of your business so you can get back to what your love.

There you have it, check mate!


Written by Julie Payne

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