How to Succeed as Business Partners

partnership-2If you are a single entrepreneur, you may have people who assist you in your business. That is a stark difference to working as business partners.

In partnership, ideally it is an equal share. You have a shared vision, a purpose, and goals, each having certain strengths which then strengthens the business.

Partners who don’t Function in their Capacity

But what happens when a partner is not functioning in the partnership? Does that mean the partnership fails? It can, or it means that one partner must carry all the weight.

In the early year of our business, Terri was carrying the business. For all intended purposes, I was not handling our business as a joint venture.

I wanted the partnership without acting as a partner. If things were going to change, I needed to act like a partner. It was not about making an emotional choice, it had to be a conscious decision. To equally educate, train, network, and build clientele.

Thriving Business Partners

To have a thriving business partnership, you must have both parties acting in their full capacity. It also means you need to have certain characteristics, such as humility, honesty, humor, transparency, authenticity, and a firm foundation.

In a business partnership, you celebrate each other’s strengths. You have the ability to recognize when a client is a better fit with the other partner. There is no competition in a partnership, it is a shared relationship.

Not all partnerships succeed, and that can be for a multitude of reasons. There was not a strong relationship (foundation) to start with. The business became more of a competition between partners. Your vision, your purpose, your goals changed for each individual.

Blessing or a Curse

Partnership in business is not for everyone. It can be a blessing or a curse.

For us, we decided to build our business based on our Christian beliefs. Naming our business, Trinity Virtual Assistant Services, which now has evolved to TrinitySOS (Superior Office Services). We knew God gave us the business and it wasn’t ours to own. When you realize you are working for something much bigger than yourselves, and in partnership with the God we knew our partnership was a true blessing.

Written by: Julie Payne

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