Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Many small businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for a Virtual Assistant to aid them in growing their business. However, many business owners do not understand the role of a virtual assistant, including having the right virtual assistant for their specific business. As a result, they spend excess time and money in finding the right virtual assistant.

Here are the Top 10 suggestions we came up with prior to hiring your virtual assistant.

Know your business needs prior to researching for a virtual assistant.

Know their strengths and weaknesses, you want to hire a virtual assistant that is specific to your business needs. They may be able to do all things, but not do all things well.

Ask questions regarding schooling, training, and courses they have taken in their field. 


Do they bill hourly or by the project? This can make a difference in the cost of your projects.

Are their hours of operation a good fit for your business needs? Many virtual assistants do not work after hours. If they do there is usually an extra cost for your request.

If they are an expert in website building, do they understand SEO? A virtual assistant may have been trained in building websites but have no knowledge of how search engine optimization works. 

Contracting for Business

Enter a contractual agreement that covers both parties.

A virtual assistant is not a business coach.

Do they have referrals from their previous clients?

Most virtual assistants prefer one way of communicating. Such as email versus phone calls.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be one of the most important business decisions you make as your business grows. There are literally thousands to choose from,  having a clear understanding of your business needs will save your valuable time and money.


Written by Julie Payne

Julie has over 21 years experience in corporate America. She attended Virtual Assistance School provided by Tina Marie Hilton taking courses in social media networks, social media management, web design, email collection platforms, marketing, and branding. In addition, she took personal training from Melanie Duncan, Bill Baren, and Amy Porter to learn the services she offers today.  Most recently Julie has become a certified business and life coach and is a co-author of the book collaboration “She Believed”. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Tapestry Network.  For more information please visit



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