The Art of Listening

Being a business woman, whether an entrepreneur, or working in the corporate world, communication is such an important skill to have. Have you noticed in communicating you must also develop good listening skills? How many times do we start a conversation with the answers already predetermined in our mind? How many of us are guilty […]

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This word alone can bring frustration and resentment. We communicate all day, everyday. They say it is because you don’t communicate your relationships fail. Or you didn’t communicate your needs. Or you’re not communicating (praying) to God. We communicate by phone, texts, emails, regular mail, social media, news letters, face to face, etc. Yet, if […]

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When I first think about the word perspective, my viewpoint comes to mind. Thinking about perspective in the workplace and relationships, what we see everyday is just a viewpoint. It is just my outlook, my attitude, that forms my perspective. If you go a little deeper, has your perspective changed due to life’s events. Are […]

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